The Sinner – Julian Review


After watching Season 1 of The Sinner I moved straight onto Season 2! Which is another way of saying, after watching Coras storyline, I went into Julians story, with me now about to watch Jamies story! If you have watched the show before and want to read my opinions about the Cora storyline, you can do so here. I enjoyed watching the show and felt it was a good use of my time! But I did prefer the first season over the second, you are about to find out why;

The Sinner – Cora Review


I had never watched The Sinner when it was originally released on Netflix in 2017. (As I am not in the US, Netlix is the distributor for the show). I knew the premise that everyone was aware of I guess, and thought it sounded interesting, but was one of those shows that I figured I’d get around too, instead of it being something that I had to watch the second it was released. But with the 3rd season coming out on Netflix last Friday and my list of shows to be watched was dwindling, I figured that now was as good a time as any!

It turns out I was sleeping on the show and had a great time watching it, I would recommend it to people if they wanted a closed story to watch that does not take a long time to get going or to wrap itself up. 8 episodes is a nice length for a tv show that is going to be self-contained as it causes the writers to go straight for the storyline that they want to tell without spending time trying to build out the world of the narrative. (I generally appreciate the creation of a world one can immerse themselves in, but it was not needed considering how fast this show escalated.) I watched the show over 2 days with 4 episodes a day, but what is my opinion? If you have read any of my other reviews, (Hannibal or Dead to Me) then you may be aware that I (at least think) do my reviews a little bit differently that others! So, let’s begin;

Is Having a Content Niche Necessary?


Every time I sit down to write, I have no clue what to write about in the days leading up to it. I generally sort of decide in the hours before hand, (In the hope that inspiration strikes me!). This is mainly because I don’t have a niche per se, I have the same type of topics that I would regularly write about, (Which are split into categories beside where I write!) such as Mental Health, Opinions I have, films or books, any travel / places to visit and anything educational I come across. Bit of a wide variety! Then also due to the fact that I don’t exactly have a consistent upload schedule, such as media on Mondays (There’s an idea!), it can be hard to grow a large audience, with over 700 followers, it is hardly a major issue, but considering its over 2.5 years old, it is quite low. Also, by changing content a lot, some regular readers can get turned off. But do I feel that having a niche is a necessary thing when writing online?