Is Having a Content Niche Necessary?


Every time I sit down to write, I have no clue what to write about in the days leading up to it. I generally sort of decide in the hours before hand, (In the hope that inspiration strikes me!). This is mainly because I don’t have a niche per se, I have the same type of topics that I would regularly write about, (Which are split into categories beside where I write!) such as Mental Health, Opinions I have, films or books, any travel / places to visit and anything educational I come across. Bit of a wide variety! Then also due to the fact that I don’t exactly have a consistent upload schedule, such as media on Mondays (There’s an idea!), it can be hard to grow a large audience, with over 700 followers, it is hardly a major issue, but considering its over 2.5 years old, it is quite low. Also, by changing content a lot, some regular readers can get turned off. But do I feel that having a niche is a necessary thing when writing online?