Habits Formed in Quarantine


While I have spent the last 10 weeks working from home and in lockdown (I have only left the house about 5 times). I have inadvertently taken this time to create new habits that hopefully have improved some elements of my daily life! Some of them are things that I have done in the past and I am picking them back up now, while others are brand new. Alongside this, a few of these aren’t so much things that I have started doing as a task, but rather a new focus for my mentality.

Irish Netflix for Quarantine!


As the coronavirus begins to spread further and further across the globe, with more infections in Ireland, our days are now drastically different today than what they were even 10 days ago. We have had over half million people become unemployed in the last couple of weeks and with countless more now working from home and not being able to leave their home if not for essential tasks. We are now spending more time on the internet and despite providers asking for us to use less Netflix so that others can work from home, who are we kidding? Netflix is all we have these days! So here are some of my recommendations for your viewing pleasure!

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