Easy Steps to Success (Practical)


While in quarantine with just about nothing to do, I have looked back over some of the books I have read before. So, for this week, I looked at the book Know yourself like your success depends on it by Michal Stawicki. I’m sure you can already guess what this book is about. (I’ll give you 1 guess if you aren’t sure. Made your guess?, Good, I’m proud of you!) Now, lets get into this, are you interested in knowing yourself a bit better? Keep reading to do so!

The Human Machine


As per usual, I have been reading and re-reading a lot over the past few weeks. But this usually isn’t enough for me, I also pick old books I haven’t read for a while but that I put pencil notes into and taking them out to brush up on what I felt was the important when I read it initially. This weeks book that I looked at was The Human Machine by Arnold Bennett. It is 86 pages so I will try and condense the main points below for you, so you can get the benefits of the book without having to read it!

Who Am I?


While in quarantine, (Due to, you guessed it, Coronavirus), I have spent a fair bit of time watching tv shows and consuming other media. Over the last week or so I started watching Hannibal (Which is an amazing tv show I have to say). In the first season, we see Will Graham struggle with the concept of identity and knowing who he is as a person. While I was in bed going to sleep after one of the episodes, the question of Who Am I? Popped into my head and I picked up my phone, entered the notes app, and began writing down some things that I thought of; Continue reading “Who Am I?”

Stoic Thought #80


“You don’t have to go away to feel at peace, just look inside yourself” – SoTD

Remember to always post your thoughts on this stoic thought or if you have one of your own that you would like to share!

Until next time πŸ™‚