The Boys – Season 2 Review


The Boys season 2 began airing on Amazon Prime in September of 2020, the show had a change in viewing format with it airing weekly rather than dropping all at once allowing its viewers to binge the show. With some viewers leaving negative reviews of the show once Amazon started with the season not being available to watch in its entirety, as of yet there is no comment / information available for how the 3rd season will be aired. With the 3rd season being ordered already, along with a spin-off series based on a college for superheroes, showing the viewers that Amazon are in this show for the long haul and are planning to turn it into their flagship series. The 2nd season was even better received than season 1, with it getting a higher rating and the reviewers stating that the show comes out swinging in its 2nd season with it going in further in its description of the characters giving the viewers more information about the protagonists and those we spend the most time with. Then for most viewers it is a show that spends little time being concerned with being PC or PG, by creating a show that is not concerned with social commentary and tells the show in a way that engages viewers and gives the fans an enjoyable experience. I think the 2nd season was just as good of a show as the 1st season with it building on what made that season original and something that grabbed my attention. So lets take a look into what separates the show;

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The Boys – Season 1 Review


The Boys is an Amazon Original show that airs on Prime based on the comic book series based on the same name written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The series is about a group of vigilantes who go by The Boys whom group together to battle against a group of superheroes who abuse their powers known as The Seven, with the group of heroes ran by Vought International. There have been 2 series thus far, with a 3rd having been ordered also, there was a shift in how the show aired in its 2nd season with a shift to weekly releases rather than dropping the entire season at once. The show has received various praise from critics for a range of topics such as its writing, the storyline, the humour and overall the strong performance from the cast predominantly from leads Urban and Starr. I enjoyed watching the show, and found the powers involved interesting and the plot points surrounding Homelander, Butcher, and their ongoing battle between one another and what they stand for a watch that was worthwhile, with it being very different to what we are used too in this type of show. As I am watching this show a little late, we have since gotten episodes of Wandavision, Arrow has ended and more super-powered shows on the way, it can be hard to stand out in a saturated market. Which is what makes this show one of a kind, a diverse cast, characters who are multi-layered, and a story that demonstrates what can happen when we allow superheroes to get shown to the public in a light that is not truthful to who are they. But as usual, lets start breaking this show down a bit more in terms of story, visuals and the use of the political landscape to influence the plot;

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The 5 Best Tools that Make Organization at Work a Breeze


While working from home during the pandemic I think it safe to say things have not been easy when it comes to planning out my day, or even how best to keep in contact with my team. Between peoples work getting lost, or not being able to keep track of what has been sent to you, there is always a need for a new app or programme that can help you out. This led me to looking for information about what apps are the best to use, so here is an article that explained them to me in the easiest way possible!

Organizing your workday can be very tricky. Whether you belong to a big or small enterprise, getting through the gamut of workday tasks will always have its challenges. With the popularity of remote work gaining a strong foothold in today’s “new normal,” managing your workload while making sure that everyone stays connected and on top of things has become twice as hard. 

It can be a bear trying to get everyone on the same page. Too many tasks, meetings and collaboration, new information coming in daily, new employees joining, old ones leaving, trying to preserve and update knowledge within the company — how do you not get lost in the chaos?

Luckily, there are tools out there geared towards organizing your work and helping you run your workday more efficiently. There are hundreds of them floating around the interwebs and you can get lost in the chaotic list of organizational tools, ironically enough. So how do you choose the right one for you?

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The Stand 2021 – Series Review


The Stand was a limited series adapted for CBS All Access starting mid-December 2020 and ending February 10th 2021, based on the novel by author Stephen King of the same name. The novel had been released in 1978 and has received a couple of updates in the time since, with King releasing an additional 400 pages in 1990 ahead of another tv show adaptation which took place in 1994. The book had been touted to being released as a 4 part feature film series before decisions were made that it would work better as a mini-series, which led to a 10 episode order by CBS which was eventually trimmed down one, for a total of 9 episodes. The series stars Amber Heard, James Marsden, Owen Teague, Odessa Young, Katherine McNamara, Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander Skarsgard. King has mentioned numerous times about how difficult the book was to write due to the large number of characters involved and the plot itself making it difficult for characters to overlap in the beginning requiring care to be taken with with where characters begin their story and how it evolves over the initial chapters. The series as a whole is a great watch and the final episode was an addition to the novel that King had been thinking about for over 40 years since his initial decision to have Frannie miss out on The Stand in Las Vegas. I thought the show gave great visuals, demonstrated Kings writing ability, created an atmosphere that was memorable and thanks to both the writing and the casting, outstanding characters. But lets get right into it, since the show only finished this week, there is plenty to talk about;

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The Little Things – Film Review


The Little Things is a 2021 American neo-noir crime thriller film that released in theatres and on the HBO Max streaming service on January 29th. The film stars Denzel Washington, Jared Leto and Rami Malek with it being directed and written by John Lee Hancock. The film has received mixed reviews over the weekend since its release, for many reasons, with the performances being praised and the atmosphere setting it apart from what else is available currently, but the story is one that audience have seen before, and in this case, the film feels just like Seven which was released in 1995. (But Seven was much better). The film is based on 1990 Los Angeles with us following 2 police officers who end up working together in an effort to solve a string of murders that have taken place in the present and it seems to be linked to a spate of killings that took place 5 years previous. After Washington and Malek come into contact with Leto, he becomes their top suspect due to the peculiar nature of the character and the mannerisms that he has alongside an obsession with true crime. 

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The Comey Rule – Series Review


The Comey Rule was a tv show that aired over 2 nights on the Showtime network back in September and on Sky Atlantic in the UK & Ireland. It is based on the book written by James Comey called A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership, with the series starring Brendan Gleeson as Donald Trump and Jeff Daniels as James Comey. Billy Ray wrote and directed the series with a focus on telling the story as efficiently and correctly as possible for him, which is why he pushed for the release date to be amended from after the election, to the September date we got. He felt that with the information that they were giving to the public, they deserved to know the full story that was available to everyone which was missing during the 2016 election. The series had a budget of $40 million, which is massive for a show like this, and would have been fitting for 3/4 low budget horror films. The critics have the show on various scores due to the nature of the storytelling, acting and appearance in the political spectrum. While the story itself tells facts that most people are casually aware of, it explains them in a way that causes confusion for viewers obscuring what we may think of as truth, and not adding anything brand new to the narrative. With praise being given for Gleesons portrayal of Trump and it being simultaneously the best and worst part of the show, it is uncanny and has the audience able to feel the menacing aura that some explain to have when dealing with Trump in person. Then as can be seen due to it being adapted from Comeys novel, there is a focus on having him appear to have done the correct thing during all of this, while he managed to escape from the confusion of public service and institutions, the public are continually living the 2nd and 3rd act of his actions.

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The Outsider – Series Review


The Outsider was a 2020 limited series released on HBO and Sky Atlantic adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name released in 2018. It seems that King has had more adaptions in the recent years with this, Pet Semetary, IT, Dr. Sleep and The Stand, which is fair considering the quality of his work is revered and well respected by just about anyone who reads it. I sat down over this past week to watch this series and when The Stand is finished I will binge that also. The Outsider is about a case involving what appears to have a doppelgänger who has committed a heinous murder of young children and mutilation of their bodies. After Ralph Anderson has arrested Terry Maitland the little league baseball coach on the assumption of committing the murder of 11 year old boy Frankie Peterson, things begin to shift in what Anderson believes to be true and what simply can not be. We have conflicting eye witness accounts which place Terry in a couple of places at the same time, dna evidence which does the same, so the question becomes who can we trust in this narrative. The series received praise for how it started, its acting (Which included a stellar cast of Ben Mendelsohn, Jason Bateman, Bill Camp and Cynthia Eviro), but criticism has been levelled around the length of the series with how it struggled regarding pacing. As a whole I am inclined to include visuals in the list of things the show managed to do well, the scenes gave us a great window into the areas surrounding the characters and portrayed an interesting view on both nature and the unexplainable.

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Wallstreetbets – Gamestop Explained


With the news over the last few days regarding Gamestop stocks that has set the world alight with arguments around regulation, the role of Wall Street banks with manipulation, how the masses can affect prices and as a whole a proper David & Goliath story, it can be easy to admit that you have not got a clue about what is happening. I have gone through it over the last couple of days and am going to break it down in as simple terms as possible. (As much for me as it is for you!). The reason for this is because when watching it on the news or just reading some of the stories online, it can be easy to think that those people who acted on Reddit are the bad guys or that they are in the wrong. But that is not the case, Wall Street have been acting in the best interests of themselves for years (See the 2008 crisis), while the normal people have been told that they are not smart enough to understand what is happening in the finance world, causing them to suffer when the rich make more money. This narrative needs to know be forgotten and we need to break down what has happened and what everything else has on the normal everyday people.

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Spree – Film Commentary


A version this review that I wrote can be on the website Mystery and Suspense magazine here. Its a site I write for from time to time and would recommend you checking it out, as the content is great!

Spree is a 2020 American black comedy horror film that stars Joe Keery which was directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko. The film is filmed predominantly on a phone camera and some go-pros on the car of Keery, giving it a different sort of feel than the normal items I have been watching over quarantine. The film received mixed reviews from critics with most praising the films premise and the acting from Keery. I am inclined to agree with the critics on a whole as I enjoyed the message of the film and the acting was something that I feel we were unable to look away from even though it was slightly disturbing. The film was premiered at Sundance Film Festival 24th January 2020 with it then going to be released by RLJE films August 14th, with the film internationally being released by Netflix December 2020. Some news outlets believed the film to be the digital ages answer to American Psycho with them having some similar themes of murder I can see how this makes sense, but they are very different in terms of execution. The film has nothing that stands out other than the performance from Keery, and something that as a whole comes across as a unique / new premise for a film even though it makes complete sense from a story perspective and I am surprised it has not been made yet. As always we need to break down the film a bit more to see what made this film unique or how it looked at the current reality / state of the world for younger people;

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Swamp Thing – Series Review


A version this review that I wrote can be on the website Mystery and Suspense magazine here. Its a site I write for from time to time and would recommend you checking it out, as the content is great!

Swamp Thing was one of the original shows to be released on the now defunct DC Universe, (Now moved to HBO Max), alongside the very successful Titans series. This show however, suffered a very different fate, with it being cancelled just a week after the premiere aired and the show getting cut from 13 episodes to 10. Considering the positive word of mouth that was around set at the time and the fact it had been planned for 3 seasons and a potential Justice League Dark spin-off, this was very unexpected. But like all shows in the modern era, just because it was cancelled by DC does not mean the show will never return, it originally aired in May – August 2019, but the CW network aired the show weekly just last year concluding on December 22nd 2020. There have been preliminary discussions around continuing the series, but nothing concrete is presently in the works. Before I sat down to watch the show I thought I knew what to expect, but it blew me away in terms of the visuals, cgi and thought that went into the show around story and character development. With a strong cast including Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane, Virginia Madsen as Maria Sunderland, Will Patton as Avery Sunderland and Kevin Durand as Jason Woodrue, I think the show has enough ‘star’ power to warrant another few episodes at least, the issue will most likely arise in CGI / budgetary constraints for a network such as the CW. But who knows, they may reconsider depending on how well the show performed for them over the past few months. As always, anyone who has read from me before, we need to start breaking down this show a bit further;

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